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What is the best carpet cleaning method?

Your question still not answered? Read our compilation of Frequently Asked Questions about carpet cleaning below, and learn more about the additional advices on how to maintain and clean your carpets. Written by the experts in this field, we guarantee you will find them useful!

Can I vacuum all types of carpets?

The truth is that vacuum cleaners are not appropriate for all types of carpets. You can use them on carpets made by synthetic materials but you must be very careful with handmade oriental rugs. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning La Crescenta recommend gentle movements when you are vacuuming handmade rugs. In fact, silk rugs have extremely sensitive piles and it would be best if you brush them gently instead of vacuuming them. They won't be harmed.

Should I install tiles or carpets in my store?

Carpets would create a warm feeling but they won't be practical at all. Tiles would be more professional and tile cleaning, which must not be underestimated since it must take place every day, would definitely be easier. Of course, you can change decoration often by placing small size oriental rugs in different parts of the store. It would really depend on the style of the store and definitely your occupation.

My pet urinated on the carpet, what do I do to clean it?

For situations like these, carpet cleaner experts at La Crescenta swear by the use of both stain removal agents and deodorizing products. Pet urine can be a really tricky thing to clean off completely, especially since the odor is very likely to remain, so liberal use is recommended.

How do you rate every cleaning job?

How much a cleaning job will cost you, depends on the size of the area to be cleaned. What is considered one room is measured up to 300 square feet, but a dining and living room combo is counted as two areas. Baths, halls, walk-in closets and other non-standard areas are priced differently.

How does the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method work?

In hot water extraction, the cleaning solution mixed in hot water is applied on the carpet under high pressure. This type of carpet cleaning is one of the more common and effective ways of carpet cleaning. There are also several other ways of using this technique.

What carpet cleaning schedule is best for families with allergy sufferers?

The carpet must be vacuumed at least once a week. It is important for the vacuum cleaner to have a HEPA filter. Its role is to prevent pumping dust and pollen back into the air. Deep cleaning is required at least twice a year. You should use exterior door mats and ask people to take their shoes off when they come in to keep the carpet free of allergens for longer.

Can all rugs be cleaned in the same way?

No, this is not a good idea at all. Every rug is made from specific material and has specific weave and structure too. That is why each of these items requires individual care. It is always best to follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

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