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When you have clean floors, you will have a more comfortable home and a much healthier environment as well. Achieve this with the help of the tips shared on this page. They cover many different aspects of carpet cleaning. They are easy to understand and to apply in real life.

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Check out the details of properly cleaning your carpet in the tips below. Find out how to remove varnish and chewing gum! Get some new ideas of how to keep carpets clean and healthy.

How to remove varnish

The secret of carpet stain removal is speed. The quicker you clean it, the better according to the experts of Carpet Cleaning La Crescenta. If you have spilled varnish, you would need to absorb it with paper towel or a towel first. There are special ecofriendly products on the market for varnish stain removal but you can also try cleaning the spot with a mixture of dish liquid with vinegar.

Get the chewing gum off the carpet

Chewing gum on the floor and especially on carpets won't be a disaster anymore. We have the best solution for effective chewing gum stain removal. First, you should use a knife to get the main part off the fibers. Then, you should scrub the area with a mixture of vinegar and dish liquid. Finally, you should use solvent. Try the nail polish remover.

Slippers for guests

If you don’t want your frequent guests to bring dirt onto your meticulously maintained carpets, consider preparing slippers for them. Have your guests remove their shoes and let them wear slippers before coming in.

Clean carpets to keep healthy

Dirty carpets will cause allergies, especially to elderly people and small children since their immune systems are weaker. Stains, mold and germs will make your eyes red, cause sneezing and coughing and, in some extreme cases, asthma attacks or severe respiratory problems. Dirty rug cleaning is vital for your health and must take place often.

Trimming a fuzzy carpet

Your carpet may become fuzzy if it is shedding and loose fibers accumulate on the surface. There is no real way of preventing this since shedding is a natural process that a typical carpet goes through. What you need to do if you observe this at home is to grab a pair of scissors and to cut the fuzz off.

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