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Is Residential Carpet Cleaning More Important Than Commercial Carpet Cleaning

11/11/2013 Back To Blog

Carpet cleaning is definitely one of the top priority cleaning chores equally important for commercial and residential sites. The difference between residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning is mostly in what we are trying to obtain with our perfectly cleaned carpets. For example, we clean or at least we should clean our carpets due to many different reasons where the majority of them is related to our health and sanitary qualities of our home. Homes are places where we feel sheltered and secured and that is not only because we have big walls and thick doors and no one can get in without our permission but it is also because we feel protected from everything that goes on outside. Is Residential Carpet Cleaning More Important Than Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For example when we enter our home most of us immediately takes our shoes off and put our slippers on. Why is that? - Because we do not want the dirt; the germs and everything from the outside inside our homes. Since carpets are placed directly on the floor they get dirty easily and relatively fast and especially in those houses where visitors are not encouraged to take their shoes off once they come in. Also households that keep cats and dogs and other four legged pets have definitely more than one good reason why they should proceed with regular carpet cleaning procedures.

As far as the commercial and office sites are concerned; they equally crave for professional commercial carpet cleaning treatments although for somewhat different reasons. Anyone running successful business and company knows that the look of that’s business headquarters is the reflection of the company’s successfulness and dirty carpets definitely speak louder than words.

Is it wise to use the same carpet cleaning company for home carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning?

So one thing is certain; cleaned carpets are a must no matter where they are put and placed. Carpets are usually made very big and therefore they cannot be easily hidden or reverted attention from. They are there everyone to see them and sometimes to smell them. And if you smell your carpet then this should definitely be interpreted like a good sign to do something about it. The best way to do something is using the professional service providers and professional companies available in your area. If you are not lucky enough to come across reliable word of mouth info about some companies active in your area than you should perform a little research on your own. Focusing on companies that perform both commercial and residential carpet cleaning might be a good starting point since this way you would have the opportunity to test the company in question on your own. You could for example hire certain carpet cleaning company for your commercial site carpet cleaning needs and if this company proves to be a good and reliable service provider you could continue collaborating with them for your further residential carpet cleaning needs as well.

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